Banality Dreams

Organisation typeTheatre company
Main focusTheatre
Established1 Jan. 2005
ExpressionsDance, Performance, Theatre

About Banality Dreams

Banality Dreams is a theatre group based in Berlin and Oslo.

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More about Banality Dreams

Banality Dreams was founded in 2005 by Signe Holtsmark (Norway) and Johannes Dullin (Germany/USA). Both studied physical theatre and theatrical creation at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri College in the Italian-language part of Switzerland.

In 2008 Raliza Nikolowa (Germany/Bulgaria) joined Banality Dreams as a dramaturge. In 2009 Banality Dreams was joined by the performers Franz Rogowski (Germany), Jorma Spitz (Czech Republic), Federico Dimitri (Italy) and Johanna von Gagern (Germany/USA), graphic designer Kleon Medugorac (Germany) and light designer Tomas Ness (Germany). Banality Dreams also collaborates regularly with the film-collective Authentic Boys.

The works of Banality Dreams focus on performance as a form of play with structures, theatrical means, the combination of media and unusual artistic constellations. Central to the aesthetic research of Banality Dreams lays the search for a contemporary form of comical, which draws its themes from our directly surrounding, feeding, moving, and manipulating sources. Hereby the comical is not understood as comedy, but as an art form, which plays with the tensions and borders between the banal and the profound, the absurd and the tragic, subtlety and platitude. It is said that truth lies in the comical. At which point does the comedy begin and when does it switch over into tragedy and vice versa? Why and when does a superficial gesture or situation become funny or absurd? Which deep human truth lies hidden behind it?

Substantial for Banality Dreams is the play with effects of authenticity and clear presence whose purpose is to move. A component of the artistic research of Banality Dreams is the work with video, live music, and installation elements, as well as the collaboration with amateur actors or the work outside of contemporary theatrical contexts. In this way Banality Dreams increasingly understands itself as an alliance of interdisciplinary working artists. Under the direction of Johannes Dullin and through the search for different possibilities of expression, a distinct aesthetics develops.

Source: Banality Dreams,, 26.09.2010,