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Stuffed Puppet Theatre

Neville Tranter from Australia founded Stuffed Puppet Theatre in 1976. After succeeding at the Festival of Fools in Amsterdam in 1978, Neville Tranter moved to the Netherlands, where he has developed his puppetry for adults to what it is today.


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Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Puppetry
Established 1976
Website Stuffed Puppet Theatre

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Address Postbus 8039 , NL - 1180 LA Amstelveen, Netherlands

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In his own distinct, direct and poetical way, Neville Tranter has found an expression characterising Stuffed Puppet Theatre. He tends to use human-sized puppets combined with a minimum of stage design and sophisticated use of light and sound. His combination of down-to-earth humour, brutal austerity and virtuoso interaction with the puppets has opened the eyes of many formerly believing that puppetry was an art form only for children.

Source: Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival, www.pit.no, 10.08.2010, http://2005.pit.no/vis_tgruppe.asp?ProgType=1&gruppe=Stuffed%20Puppet%20Theatre

Own productions (5)
Title Premiere
Schicklgruber - alias Adolf Hitler – 2003
Salomé – April 25, 1998
Salomé – 1996
The Nightclub – October 20, 1995
Underdog – 1992
Contributors (3)
Neville Tranter – Artistic director
Neville Tranter – Puppeteer
Neville Tranter – Puppet maker