O Espaço do Tempo

O Espaço do Tempo is a trans-disciplinary arts organisation that supports various Portuguese and foreign contemporary performing artists. Its headquarters are located in a convent the Convento da Saudação (Convent of Salutation), a national monastery from the 16th century based in Montemor-o-Novo in Portugal, one of the poorest municipalities in Portugal.


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Also known as Rui Horta/O Espaço do Tempo Convento da Saudação Montemor-o-novo
Organization type Artists’ centre, Institute, Dissemination centre, Producing, Network organisation
Main focus Dance, Performance, Theatre, Visual arts, Multidisciplinary art
Email info@oespacodotempo.pt
Website o espaço do tempo

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Address Convento da Saudação, 7050-164 Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal
Email info@oespacodotempo.pt
Telefon +351 266 899 856 / 7

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The physical dimension of the space allied to its residential facilities (5 studios, 14 accommodation rooms, sound and light studios, conference rooms, etc.) provide a set of spaces for research, creation and presentation of artistic projects in various art fields: dance, theatre, music, new media, visual arts, etc. Through an artist-in-residence program these spaces are available to each visiting artist for a period of several weeks where they can concentrate on their own research or production work.

These residential facilities give access to a theatre venue (Teatro Curvo Semedo, 20m x 30m, 800 seats) and to a fully equipped smaller Black Box (10m x 10 m / 50 seats). These two venues are complementing the offer of the residential facilities that O Espaço do Tempo is putting at the disposal of resident artists in the convent. These are spaces where artists can also experiment and create using all the technical facilities (sound, lighting, stage, audiovisual material, etc), but also spaces where they can present their works.

Source: o espaço do tempo, oespacodotempo.pt, 07.08.2010, http://www.oespacodotempo.pt/en/esp_tem.php?idpan=conceito

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Rui Horta – Artistic director