KulturHuset in Tromsø

Also known asTromsø Culture Centre
Organisation typeDissemination centre
Main focusChildren and youths, Dance, Visual arts, Music, Theatre, Entertainment
Established14 Jan. 1984
WebsiteKulturHuset i Tromsø

About KulturHuset in Tromsø

KulturHuset is Tromsø’s most important meeting point for experiences related to stage arts. The culture centre wishes to be a resource centre for the cultural life of the town of Tromsø.

The interior gross area of the building is measured to 6000 square meters, including three stages, a café and a diversity of public areas.

Source: KulturHuset i Tromsø, kulturhuset.tr.no, 07.08.2010, http://www.kulturhuset.tr.no/node/3215

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