Dansescenen in Copenhagen is part of Danish Dansehallerne.

Dansehallerne consists of Dansescenen, Dansens Hus and Danish Dance Theatre, a library and The Dance Information, a café and a shop.

Dansescenen is the Copenhagen theatre for modern dance, with performances of modern Danish dance productions, international visiting performances plus productions for children and youth. In 2001 Dansescenen became a self-owned institution and from 2009 it has been part of Dansehallerne in Carlsberg, the largest centre for modern dance in Northern Europe.


(Objekt ID 5102)
Object type Organization
Also known as Dansehallerne
Organization type District institution, Programming, Producing
Main focus Dance
Established January 1, 1991
Email info@dansescenen.dk
Website Dansescenen

Contact information

Address Pasteursvej 20, 1778 København V, Denmark
Email info@dansescenen.dk
Telefon +45 33 29 10 10

Other information

Legal entity Other

The dance program is presented at two stages – Store Carl (the main stage) and Lille Carl (a smaller stage). In addition Dansescenen offers a smaller foyer venue – Mini Carl.

Every year more than 20 productions are performed. Dansescenen functions as a producer for some of them.


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