Kristiania Norske Theater

Also known asDen norske dramatiske skoles Theater/Det Norske Theater
Main focusTheatre
Established1852 (closed 1863)

About Kristiania Norske Theater

Kristiania Norske Theater (literally: Christiania Norwegian Theatre), also called Det Norske Theater (literally: The Norwegian Theatre), was established in 1852 in Møllergata 1 as Den norske dramatiske skoles Theater (literally: The Norwegian Dramatic School's Theatre). It changed its name in 1857. The theatre was a result of the strife surrounding Norwegian and Danish as stage languages during the 1850es, and it was founded as an alternative to the Danish-language and Danish-dominated Christiania Theatre.

Knud Knudsen was the theatre's linguistic consultant, and in the period from 1857 to 1862, Henrik Ibsen was its artistic director.

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More about Kristiania Norske Theater

The theatre closed its doors in 1863 due to financial reasons.

Another Kristiania Norske Teater (Møllergadens Teater) was  established in 1870-72 by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.


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