The Vikings at Helgeland

The Vikings at Helgeland (1858) was a theatre production by Kristiania Norske Theater (literally: Christiania Norwegian Theatre), the world premiere of the play by Henrik Ibsen. The production also was performed in 1859 and 1860.

Henrik Ibsen directed it. At the time, he was the theatre's artistic director.

Benedicte J. Hundevadt played the role of Hjørdis.

Christian Abelstad played the role of Sigurd.


(Objekt ID 44030)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 24, 1858
Produced by Kristiania Norske Theater
Based on The Vikings at Helgeland by Henrik Ibsen
Audience Adults
Number of events 9
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre
Running period Navember 24, 1858  —  August 21, 1859
Website Nasjonalbiblioteket


The season of 1858-59: 24.11., 26.11., 28.11., 3.12., 5.12., 28.12., 8.2., 25.3.

The season of 1859-60: 21.8.

At the website of The National Library of Norway, there are reviews of the production. For an overview, click here.


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Contributors (10)
Name Role
Henrik Ibsen – Playwright
Henrik Ibsen – Direction
Christian Abelsted – Actor (Sigurd)
Rosa Asmundsen – Actor (Egil)
Ole Bucher – Actor (Gunnar Herse)
Karl Bugge – Actor (Thorolf)
Olaf Døvle – Actor (Kåre Bonde)
Amalie Døvle – Actor (Dagny)
Benedikte J. Hundevadt – Actor (Hjørdis)
Peter Lorentz Rasmussen – Actor (Ørnulf)
Performance dates
March 25, 1859Møllergadens Theater Show
February 8, 1859Møllergadens Theater Show
December 28, 1858Møllergadens Theater Show
December 5, 1858Møllergadens Theater Show
December 3, 1858Møllergadens Theater Show
Navember 28, 1858Møllergadens Theater Show
Navember 26, 1858Møllergadens Theater Show
Navember 24, 1858Møllergadens Theater Worldwide premiere
August 21, 1850Møllergadens Theater Show