Søilen Teater

Søilen Teater was a theatre in Oslo. It opened in 1930 in the party venue called Søilesalen in Keysers gate 1, and was managed as an independent theatre by Sophus Dahl until 1932, when it became a secondary venue for Chat Noir, first under the management of Einar Sissener and Johan Henrik Wiers-Jenssen, later under Leif Amble-Næss.

In 1934 it reopened under the direction of Henry Gleditsch, who ran the theatre until 1939, when Aud Richter took over and managed it as an intimate venue.


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Main focus Theatre
Established 1930 (closed 1942)

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Address Keysers gate 1, Oslo, Norway

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In 1942 Søilen Teater was taken over by Leif Juster, who opened Edderkoppen in the facilities. In 1945 he left the facilities to Studioteatret, in residence for about a year. Later the facilities have not been used by theatres, but Teamfilm had a studio there for a while.

Currently Søilen Teater is best known for the fact that many well-known actors made their debuts there, including Wenche Foss, Jack Fjeldstad and Ragnhild Michelsen.


Store Norske Leksikon, http://snl.no/S%C3%B8ilen_Teater

Venues (1)
Contributors (4)
Aud Richter – Artistic director (fra 1939 til 1942)
Henry Gleditsch – Artistic director (fra 1934 til 1939)
Einar Sissener – Artistic director (fra 1932 til 1932)
Sophus Dahl – Artistic director (fra 1930 til 1932)