Ny Norsk Ballett

Ny Norsk Ballett (literally: The New Norwegian Ballet) was a Norwegian ballet company, established in 1948. Ny Norsk Ballett was based in Oslo. The leaders and main choreographers of Ny Norsk Ballett were Gerd Kjølaas and Louise BrowneRita Tori replaced Browne in 1953, and the ensemble changed its name into Den Norske Ballett, a predecessor to The Norwegian National Ballet.

Among the leading soloists in Ny Norsk Ballett were Edith RogerAloysius ValenteBergljot ClausenHenny Mürer and Hans Kjølaas.


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Object type Organization
Also known as Den Norske Ballett
Organization type Dance company
Main focus Dance
Established 1948 (closed 1955)

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Address Oslo, Norway

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Ny Norsk Ballett. (27.02.2013) in Store norske leksikon. Found at: http://snl.no/Ny_Norsk_Ballett [lesedato: 18.05.2013]

Contributors (4)
Rita Tori – Artistic director (fra 1953)
Gerd Kjølaas – Artistic director (fra 1948)
Louise Browne – Artistic director (fra 1948 til 1953)
Edith Roger – Dancer (fra 1948)