Edith Roger

Edith Roger (born May 29 1922 - February 24 2023) is a Norwegian dancer, choreographer and theatre instructor

As a dancer she was employed by Svenska Dansteatern, Ny Norsk Ballett (literally: New Norwegian Ballet) and The Norwegian Opera. She is also known for her work as a choreographer, including for Bergen International Festival in 1958 and 1969. From 1967 to 1997 she worked as an instructor at The National Theatre, and she has been referred to as a renewer of Norwegian performing arts. In 1985 Roger was named a Knight of The Order of St. Olav. In 2002 she got Arts Council Norway's honorary award, and in 2010 she got The Hedda Honorary Award.


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Object type Person
Born May 29, 1922 (dead February 24, 2023)
Functions Director, Choreographer, Dancer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Adresse Oslo, Norway

When Edith Roger got The Honorary Award during the Hedda Award Ceremony 2010, The Hedda jury reasoned as follows:

"Hedda's Honorary Award is not supposed to be an annual event. During the twelve years The Hedda Awards have existed, The Honorary Award has only been given out four times, most recently in 2008. This year the jury held no doubt. The award must be given out again. It goes to a versatile, original artist who, in using her special background, renewed the very traditional Norwegian direction. At the time she had already been an excellent dancer and a significant choreographer, and actually a director's assistant, too. But in 1967 she signed her first independent direction assignment, and 33 years later she ended her active career, appropriately enough withLeague of Youth. She is living proof that neither the ability to experience nor to consider change as the years go by!

The Honorary Award goes to a true renewer of Norwegian theatre: Edith Roger."


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Det er sant! Hvert evig ord* (It's true! Each blessed word) 1999, Script, Drama – Author
Mot Solen Script – Author