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Barneteatret Vårt

Barneteatret Vårt is Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre)'s (Molde) division for theatre for children, located in Ålesund. Barneteatret Vårt was established August 1 2010 as a sub-division of Teatret Vårt. The official opening took place October 9 2010.

Barneteatret Vårt is connected to the management of Teatret Vårt with one person steadily employed in Ålesund. Beyond this the theatre hires artistic and other staff on a per production basis.


(Objekt ID 33463)
Object type Organization
Organization type District institution
Main focus Theatre
Established August 1, 2010

Contact information

Address Arbeideren, Lorkenesgata 2 / Postboks 1521, 6003 Ålesund, Norway

Other information

Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA

Barneteatret Vårt is mainly to produce theatre for children and youth aged 0-15 years.


Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre), teatretvart.no, 15.02.2013, http://www.teatretvart.no/barneteatret-vart/om-oss

Co-productions (3)
Title Premiere
Goodbye Kitty – October 22, 2022
Goodbye Kitty – Navember 4, 2017
Goodbye Kitty – Navember 4, 2017 – Rebekka/Huy