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Norwegian Critics' Association

Norwegian Critics' Association is an association of Norwegian critics.

Norwegian Critics' Association has three divisions: For literature critics, art critics and performing arts critics (the latter gathers critics within theatre, music and dance). In its present organisation Norwegian Critics' Association has existed since 1998, when the associations of literature critics, art critics and theatre/music/dance critics joined forces.


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Established 1998
Website Norsk kritikerlag

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Of the three divisions of Norwegian Critics' Association the association of theatre, music and dance critics is the oldest. It was established in 1927 as Norsk Teater- og Musikkritikerforening (Norwegian Theatre and Music Critics' Association). Among the founders were Einar Skavlan, Arnulf Øverland, David Monrad-Johansen and Reidar Mjøen.

The association of literature critics, called Norsk Litteraturkritikerlag, was established in 1946, and among the founders were Sigurd Evensmo, Carl Fredrik Engelstad, Philip Houm, Eugenia Kielland and Helge Krog.

The association of art critics, called Norsk kunstkritikerlag, can trace its history back to 1949, but the facts of the founding are unknown.

Norwegian Critics' Association works to improve the quality and independence of criticism, and to advance the economic and professional interests of its members. The association arranges seminars and discussion meetings among other things, and also is behind media debates. Norwegian Critics' Association encourages the members to follow the ethical standards of the association's code of ethics, called Kritikerplakaten (link in Norwegian).

Literature critic Anne Merethe K. Prinos is the current secretary general of Norwegian Critics' Association, and literature critic Anne Schäeffer is head of the association's board. Art critic Øivind Storm Bjerke is deputy leader. The other members of the board are music Ida Habbestad, literature critic Alf Kjetil Walgermo, art critic Boel Christensen-Scheel and theatre critic Yngve Kvistad. A full list of members can be found at the webpage of Norwegian Critics' Association.

Annually Norwegian Critics' Association gives out The Norwegian Critics' Award in categories of art, literature, music, theatre and dance. The association is also responsible for allocating different grants to its members.


Norwegian Critics' Association, http://www.kritikerlaget.no/

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Norsk dansekritikk – October 12, 2002
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Norsk dansekritikk – October 12, 2002 – BIT Teatergarasjen, Norwegian Critics' Association