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!bang productions

!bang productions AKA !bang was established in 1997 by actress Trine Amalie Wiggen and instructor Anne Regine Klovholt. With the constellation’s background in textual theatre, the aim is to create contemporary performing arts based on classic and newly written texts by Scandinavian writers.

The productions include Play Stndrg, Living Room Air, Liv and Pippi/A Girl.


(Objekt ID 1895)
Object type Organization
Also known as !bang
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Theatre
Established January 1, 1997
Expressions Theatre

Contact information

Address Ruseløkkveien 59b, 0251 Oslo, Norway

Other information

Legal entity Foundation
Own productions (5)
Title Premiere
Liv – October 12, 2007
Pippi/A Girl – October 23, 2003
Liv – March 13, 2002
Stueluft* (Living room air) – Navember 29, 1999
Spill Stndbrg/Spill Stindberg – September 15, 1998
Contributors (2)
Trine Wiggen – Actor (fra January 1, 1997)
Anne Regine Klovholt – Director (fra January 1, 1997)