Anne Regine Klovholt

Anne Regine Klovholt is an instructor/dramaturge.


(Objekt ID 1898)
Object type Person
Functions Director, Dramaturge
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Adresse Ruseløkkveien 59b, 0251 Oslo, Norway

Anne Regine Klovholt has a master's degree in stage instruction and dramaturgy from Middlesex University in London. She has worked as a director's assistant for Pål Løkkeberg and Kjetil Bang-Hansen at The National Theatre in Oslo and The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen, plus John Barton at The Royal Shakespeare Company in London/Stratford.

Anne Regine Klovholt was one of the founders behind !bang teaterproduksjoner in cooperation with actress Trine Wiggen. Her direction/production include En pike går i land* (A girl goes ashore), Liv* (refers to the female name Liv, an adaptation of Jon Fosse’s novel Closed Guitar), Stueluft* (Living Room Air) and Spill Stndbrg* (Play Strindberg). Anne Regine Klovholt also works as a freelance dramaturge for theatre, dance and movies.

Source: Performance program Ibsen goes Brazil, Meteor 2005, BIT Teatergarasjen.

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Master's degree in stage direction and dramaturgy from Middlesex University i London.

Affiliations (2)
Involved in productions (18)
Title Premiere Role
The Wedding Dress (Klovholt & Kahn) March 24, 2009 Translation, Direction, Adaption
Ibsen Goes Brazil (Klovholt & Kahn) September 22, 2004 Concept/Idea, Direction, Adapted by
quiet red (karen foss quiet works) April 29, 2004 Other
Pippi/A Girl (!bang productions) October 23, 2003 Adapted by, Direction
aktuell rapport* (contemporary report) (Jon Andreas Tombre) Navember 28, 2002 Producer
Liv (The National StageThe National Theatre!bang productions) March 13, 2002 Direction
Stueluft* (Living room air) (!bang productions) Navember 29, 1999 Adapted by, Direction
Spill strbrg (Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)) April 28, 1999 Direction
Spill Stndbrg/Spill Stindberg (!bang productions) September 15, 1998 Direction
Den perfekte ektemann (The National Theatre) Navember 6, 1996 Director’s assistant
Røde neser (The National Theatre) February 24, 1996 Director’s assistant
Arcadia (The National Theatre) February 9, 1995 Director’s assistant
Oleanna (The National TheatreThe Torshov Theatre) Navember 5, 1994 Prompter
TUPILAK - å lære frykten å kjenne (The National Theatre) March 5, 1994 Prompter
Love and Geography (The National Theatre) October 30, 1993 Prompter
The Price (The National Theatre) August 28, 1993 Prompter
Like for like (The National Theatre) January 18, 1992 Prompter
Som du liker det (The National Theatre) January 18, 1992 Prompter