The Norwegian Opera

The Norwegian Opera was founded in 1883 by Olefine Moe and Matilda Lundström in Christiania’s Tivoli. It was Norway’s first permanent opera theatre. Moe and Lundström managed to keep the theatre going until 1886, thanks to help from many supporters from Norway and abroad. Their opera project reached out beyond the upper classes and attracted the interest in a broad spectrum of the population. But without funding from private or national sources, it proved impossible for them to keep an opera theatre running over a long period. In addition, the Norwegian Opera was in direct competition with Christiania Theatre - and when lack of funding forced Moe and Lundström to close the opera, theatre director Bjørn Bjørnson welcomed its artists with open arms. 


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Object type Organization
Also known as Tivoli Opera
Organization type Private theatre
Main focus Opera
Established 1883 (closed 1886)

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Address Christiania, Norway

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Legal entity Other


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Own productions (9)
Title Premiere
La Traviata – 1886
Carmen – 1884
La Traviata – 1884
Martha – August 14, 1883
Halvdelen hver – 1883
Barbereren i Sevilla – 1883
Rigoletto – 1883
Tiggerstudenten – 1883
Figaros bryllup – 1883
Contributors (3)
Gustaf Ullberg – Dancer (fra 1884 til 1884)
Olefine Moe – Theatre director (fra 1883 til 1886)
Matilda Lundström – Managing-director (fra 1883 til 1886)