Ny Musikk Trondheim

Ny Musikk Trondheim (NMT) was established in 1975, as the second regional department of Ny Musikk in Norway. The aim of the department is presenting different kinds of radical and boundary-crossing music from Norway and abroad in the counties of Sør-Trøndelag and Nord-Trøndelag. Centrally in this work is collaboration with local musicians and festivals, plus other of the region’s musical institutions and festivals.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Interest organisation
Main focus Music
Established January 1, 1975
Email nymusikk@nymusikk.no
Website Ny Musikk - Trondheim

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Address Trondheim , Norway
Email nymusikk@nymusikk.no

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From the history of NMT the festival Nordlyd-festivalen arranged in Trondheim from 1991, must be mentioned. The festival name literally means Northern Sound, a word play on the word Northern Lights, which is called Nordlys in Norwegian. The festival ceased to exist in 1999, but after revitalisation of NMT the spring of 2002 the department has had an annual concert production of 16-20 concerts. In 2004 NMT had hired Trio Alpaca, through the trainee program of Arts Council Norway. From 2004 NMT has received annual support from the municipality of Trondheim.

Source: http://www.nymusikk.no/?page_id=283 13/1-11

Own productions
Title Premiere
Knekkende Julenøtter – December 17, 2011