Flier for Claire de Wangen's production Oslo Kartwerk (2020)


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Object type Multimedia
Exposure date May 2020
Accession date June 18, 2020
Category Still picture / Photography

© Claire de Wangen

Colours Colour
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Themes Photography, Corona production, Exterior, Wandering Theatre, video, Props, Costume
Location Oslo, Norway
Image taken May 2020
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Flier for Claire de Wangen's production Oslo Kartwerk (2020).

In the photo: Unknown

Photographer: Unknown

Oslo Kartwerk (2020) was a digital wandering theatre production by Claire de Wangen. Oslo Kartwerk was a virtual video and audio guided wandering accomodated to protection against the Corona virus during the pandemic of the spring 2020. The audience was asked to show up near Oslo Courthouse.

Claire de Wangen directed the production.


Claire de Wangen, dewangen.com, 18.06.2020,  http://www.dewangen.com/#home-section

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