Claire de Wangen

Claire de Wangen is a Norwegian performing artist. She manages her own performing arts company, that, too, under the name of Claire de Wangen.

Claire de Wangen has worked within the field of independent performing arts since 2001, after graduating fromhe Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad. Her main emphasis is on site-specific theatre.


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Object type Person
Functions Director, Actor, Producer, Stage Artist
Nationality Norwegian, French
Gender Female
Adresse Økernveien 39, 0576 Oslo, Norway
Website Claire de Wangen

Claire de Wangen says:

"I aim for my work to be discovering and exploring different strategies of how to conceive the site in relation to place. I want to investigate the site, understood not only as a geographical area, but also conceptually, as representation, as statement, as a collage or as a journey."


The website of de Wangen, 19.12.2011,


2001: The Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad

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