Oslo Kartwerk

Oslo Kartwerk (2020) was a digital wandering theatre production by Claire de Wangen. Oslo Kartwerk was a virtual video and audio guided wandering accomodated to protection against the Corona virus during the pandemic of the spring 2020. The audience was asked to show up near Oslo Courthouse.

Claire de Wangen directed the production.


(Objekt ID 101751)
Object type Production
Premiere May 28, 2020
Produced by Claire de Wangen
Audience Adults
Expressions Wandering Theatre, Video, Corona-production, Outdoors theatre
Running period May 28, 2020  —  June 26, 2020
Duration 45 minutes

In a press release, Claire de Wangen writes the following about Oslo Kartwerk:

"Through the city, a planned evening route twists, filled with unplanned small and large images and events. With a guided event landscape on your ear and a little screen in your hand, you manoeuvre past noisy trams, in cobbled streets, beneath treetops and blinkingly illuminated underpasses, along townhouses and shop facades, on tarmac and grass.

Oslo opens a crack, we slip inside and are surrounded by Oslo Kartwerk.

The performance lasts approximately 45 minutes, including stairs, walking, wonder and a special experience of a specific route through Oslo. Meeting point: Oslo Courthouse, Hambros plass. Headset and screen are lent out at arrival. Naturally, protection measures against the virus are maintained.

Oslo Kartwerk was created in April/May 2020, in a time when out-of-home experiences with protection against the virus seemed appropriate and attractive. We wanted to examine the strange condition the world was in, through a route on the map."


Claire de Wangen, press release 20.05.2020

Performance dates
May 28, 2020Oslos gater – Worldwide premiere