The International Ibsen Award 2008

The International Ibsen Award 2008

The International Ibsen Award honours an individual, institution or organisation that has brought new artistic dimensions to the world of drama or theatre. The committee consists of senior figures in the international theatre community. It was established by the Norwegian government in 2008, and amounts to 2.5 million NOK.

The winner of the first International Ibsen Award was Peter Brook.

  • Peter Stephen Paul Brook

    Excerpt from the jury's statement:

    "The International Ibsen Award for 2008 is given to Peter Brook for his successful demonstration that all significant theatre has a unique ability to bring people together, that culture is something everyone can appreciate, and that no group or nation can claim ownership of a work of literature, either in the form of words or as performed on stage.

    Throughout his career Mr Brook has explored and extended the boundaries of theatre, and has played a central role in the development of this medium for over half a century. His productions have travelled all over the world and been enjoyed by thousands of audiences; his theatre in Paris, Bouffes du Nord, has attracted thousands more; and further thousands have benefited from his influence through the work of directors and other groups who have been inspired by his ideas as director, teacher and visionary."

    The full statement can be read at the webpage of Ibsen Awards,,