Sleep My Baby Sleep

Original titleSov du vesle barnet mitt
Work typeScript
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk


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    About Sleep My Baby Sleep

    Sleep My Baby Sleep is a play by Jon Fosse, written in 1999. The original title in Norwegian is Sov du vesle barnet mitt, and the first Norwegian-language book edition of the play was published in 2001, as it was part of the collection Teaterstykke 2 (literally: Theatrical Plays 2).

    Sleep My Baby Sleep had its world premiere at Théâtre de Folle Pensée, France in 2000.

    The French translation - called Dors mon petit enfant and made by Terje Sinding - was published before the Norwegian original text (in the book Trois pièces, by the publisher L'Arche), in 2000.

    The play is written for three actors, gender not specified.


    The book Teaterstykke 2 (literally: Theatrical Plays 2), Det Norske Samlaget (2001)