Sossen Krohg

Also known asSossen Finne Anker Olsen / Sossen Schjelderup
Born18 Dec. 1923 (dead 12 Feb. 2016)

About Sossen Krohg

Sossen Finne Anker Krohg (born December 18 1923 in Kristiania, dead 12. Februrary 2016 in Oslo) is a Norwegian actress. She has for the past few years been mostly known as Astrid Anker-Hansen in the soap series Hotel Cæsar broadcasted by TV 2. She interpreted the role until the beginning of April 2010. With her fellow actress Anette Hoff she was awarded an honorary award by the TV awards Gullruten in 2010, due to this.

Sossen Finne Anker Krohg graduated from The Norwegian Theatre's theatre school in 1946 and was immediately hired. She went on to Folketeatret, where she was employed until 1960. In 1966 Sossen Finne Anker Krogh was among the founders of the theatre at famous Club 7 in Oslo. She was employed as theatredirector at the club's stage venue Scene 7 until 1985.

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More about Sossen Krohg

In addition Sossen Krohg has lived and worked in Paris in several periods of her life, and French chansons have become among her specialties.

Sossen Finne Anker Krohg was married to Thorleif Schjelderup from 1940 to 1944, and they had two children together. Later she married the artist Guy Krohg, a grandchild of the painter Christian Krohg and a son of the painter Per Krohg. Sossen and Guy were known as «the last Bohemians». Guy Krogh died in 2002.


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