Henki Kolstad

Also known asJohan Henrik Ludvig Kolstad
Born3 Feb. 1915 (dead 14 Jul. 2008)

About Henki Kolstad

Henki Kolstad (real name Johan Henrik Ludvig Kolstad, 1915-2008) was a Norwegian actor. He was the brother of Lasse Kolstad.

Henki Kolstad was an employee of Centralteatret 1935-37, of Trøndelag Theatre from its start in 1937 to 1941, at Det Nye Teater 1941-44 and 1951-63, Edderkoppen 1944-45 and 1949-50, Centralteatret 1945-49, and The National Theatre 1964-1986. He also took TV roles, among them perhaps most known the role of Shoemaker Andersen in the advent season series of Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Also at the theatre Kolstad had his signature roles: He acted in the role of Leopold in Ralph Benatzky's The White Horse Inn for more than 500 performances and in the role of Mister Doolittle in My Fair Lady for more than 250. Almost 200 he performed as the mustard manufacturer Klinke in The Spanish Fly. But he also interpreted dramatic roles such as Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman (for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in 1962 and for The National Theatre in 1985), George in Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (The National Theatre 1964) and Clarence Darrow in David W. Rintels' Clarence Darrow (The National Theatre 1981).

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Henki Kolstad won Norwegian Critics' Award 1970/1971 for his interpretation of The Fool in King Lear, The National Theatre.


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