Lennart Lidström

Lennart Lidström (born 1950) is a Norwegian-Swedish director and playwright, who has also worked as a journalist, actor, musician and composer. He has his playwright education from Professor Rudolf Penka in Stockholm and Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center in USA.

In Norway Lidström has worked for Tramteatret, Piratteatret, Nordland Theatre, Telemark Theatre, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's radio drama division and TV, Hålogaland Theatre, The National Theatre, Hedmark Theatre/Teater Innlandet, Dameteater & Sønn and other independent companies. Lidström has been represented with showcases off-Broadway in New York and productions at The Queens Festival, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

He has also taught at the theatre academies of Oslo and Stockholm.


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Born 1950
Functions Director, Composer, Actor, Musician, Dramatist/Playwright, Journalist
Nationality Swedish
Gender Male

Lennart Lidström got The Norwegian Ibsen Award (AKA The Ibsen Prize) in 2011, for his play Pingviner i Sahara* (Penguins in The Sahara) (produced by Teater Innlandet, with visiting performances at The Norwegian Theatre, among other places). In the play the poet Tor Jonsson and the poet, singer-songwriter and storyteller Alf Prøysen meet after death, talking about language and lives led.

From the jury's explanation (excerpt):

"Lennart Lidström has written an imaginative play, linguistically gifted, humorous, daredevil. Among much else bigotry is confronted, considerately and wisely disposed. A full-length dialogue - an imagined dialogue, sure - one can see it becoming long and verbose. But Pingviner i Sahara is never experienced as too long drawn. On the contrary one gets the feeling of getting closer and nearer to these two persons. They expose new sides of themselves, but the writer is faithful to the authentic persons, however different they were, even though they had so much background in common. A wise play, filled with empathy with Jonsson and Prøysen, and with a fair share of self-depreciation and joking, so that the humour, too, is well maintained."

Himmelske lyster* (Divine Desires) by Terje Nordby, directed by Lennart Lidström for Hedmark Theatre,was nominated for The Hedda Award 2008 in the category of theatre project of the year.

Lennart Lidström is known for his close collaboration with Arthur Arntzen. Lidström directed the productions Oluf and Den fordømte nordlendingen* (The Damned Northerner) for Hålogaland Theatre. The two were seen by 79 942 and 100 182 spectators respectively and are the most-selling productions in the history of Hålogaland Theatre. He also directed the same theatre's Hemmel og hav* (Sky and sea, in Northern Norwegian dialect) and Vett og uvett (literally: Sense and the senseless), the latter based on Peter Wessel Zapffe's humorous book by the same title. Both of these were also successes among the audience, both selling close to 20 000 tickets.

Lennart Lidström was born and raised in Sweden, but has lived in Norway from 1978.


The Norwegian Ibsen Award AKA The Ibsen Prize

The Hedda Award

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


Playwright education with professor Rudolf Penka in Stockholm and at Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center in USA.

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Artworks (13)
Title Publiseringsdato Role
Floden 1990, Script, One-act Play – Author
Pingviner i Sahara* (Penguins in The Sahara) Script – Author
Kjøttsuppen er utmerket (Den kjærlige misjonæren) 1998, Script, One-act Play – Author
Milde himmel 1993, Script, Comedy – Author
Uroens barn Script, Comedy – Author
Zapffe Script, Monologue – Author
Menn kan...* (Men can...) Script – Author
Harry & Larry og muskelmiraklet 1983, Script, Comedy, One-act Play, Children and youth – Author
Vennene på Solkoss 1984, Script, Satire, One-act Play – Author
Du får ikke kaste stein på svalene 1984, Script, One-act Play – Author
Kniv-Karlsen 1980, Script, Children and youth – Author
Kvinner på en bro* (Women on a bridge) 2004, Script, Tragicomedy/Seriocomedy – Author
Havet, døden og fettsugingen 1995, Script – Author
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