The Clickers

Premiére dateJun, 2016
Produced byFerske Scener
AudienceAdults, Youth
Running periodJun, 2016  
Duration30 to 45 minutes

About The Clickers

The Clickers (2016) was an interactive event by Ferske Scener. The premiere took place during Arctic Arts Festival 2016.

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More about The Clickers

At the webpage of Ferske Scener, the following, among other things, is written about The Clickers:

"Some is Norwegian. Some is foreign. Some Norwegian is foreign. Some foreign is familiar. With the event The Clickers, Ferske Scener invites the audience to quiz, guess and discuss facts about immigration to Norway. We offer certain, uncertain and overly confident facts, mixed in with a touch of performing arts.

Using the quiz programme Kahoot, we set up alternative responses challenging the overly confident and the politically correct in an informal manner. The spectators take part by clicking the responses they think are right, from their own mobile phones."


Ferske Scener,, 14.04.2020,