Siri & Snelle Land

Premiére date23 Nov. 2006
Produced bySiri & Snelle Produksjoner/Siri & Snelle Productions
ExpressionsDance, Concert, Music, Tragicomedy/Seriocomedy, Contemporary dance
Running period23 Nov. 2006  

About Siri & Snelle Land

Siri & Snelle Land by Siri & Snelle was a dance concert with room for the emotional. In Siri & Snelle Land the dancers Siri Jøntvedt and Snelle Hall examined the disparities between highbrow culture and popular culture, moving in the intersection between irony and seriousness, rapport and distance, the personal and the private, and between the embarrassing and the sad.

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More about Siri & Snelle Land

Siri & Snelle Land is a patch of ground in the centre of Oslo, but also a dance concert by Siri & Snelle.

In the program of Black Box Teater the performance was introduced in the following manner:

"Siri Jøntvedt and Snelle Hall’s hang to great pathos, sincerity and so-called passion dance, the way many know their previous shows, manifests like a fascination for country and trash. In their search for the meaning of life they have said goodbye to the glamour of the earlier times, put a finger in the ground; now they want to og back to their roots and to everything that is smelling of real."

The music of Siri & Snelle Land was performed live by the guitarist Bjørn Charles Dreyer and the percussionist Erland Dahlen. The music was, according to the program, "in a muddy intersection between jazz, ambient, country and electronic music".

Source: Vallat, Marianne Dyrnes, Tom Klev and Kristian Selthun (2006). Black Box Teater Oslo. The autumn of 2006. Black Box Teater Oslo [Oslo], s. 29