Siri & Snelle Produksjoner/Siri & Snelle Productions

The company Siri & Snelle consists of Siri Jøntvedt and Snelle Hall. The two have collaborated in production over many years, among other things in the concept Siri & Snelle Show.

Together and apart Siri Jøntvedt and Snelle Hall have worked over a wide range, as dancers, pedagogues and choreographers. Dance improvisation as a scenic expression is an important part of their performance work. Both are educated at The National Academy of Ballet, Oslo, and in New York.


(Objekt ID 1945)
Object type Organization
Also known as Siri & Snelle
Organization type Dance company
Main focus Dance
Website Siri & Snelle Produksjoner
Expressions Dance, Performance

Contact information

Address Paulus plass 3 a, 0554 , Norway
Telefon 90922204

Other information

Legal entity Foundation
Own productions
Title Premiere
Kroppsessayane – March 19, 2020
Hedda'ing – October 3, 2013
Skapet – March 14, 2013
Floating – October 28, 2010
Siri & Snelle Land – Navember 23, 2006
Siri & Snelle The Princess Show – October 29, 2003
Somme kjerringer er slike
Title Premiere
Health, Beauty and Charm
Siri Jøntvedt – Dancer
Snelle Hall – Dancer