Haymaker in Heaven

Haymaker in Heaven (2020) was a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre and Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre), based on the novel by Edvard Hoem, in a theatrical adaption by Kristian Lykkeslet Strømskag. The production was first performed at The Norwegian Theatre's main stage, prior to being transferred to Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre), where it was first performed in Molde and then on tour.

Bentein Baardson directed it.

Jon Bleiklie Devik interpreted the role of Nesje.

Heidi Gjermundsen Broch interpreted the role of Serianna.


(Objekt ID 94813)
Object type Production
Premiere March 7, 2020
Produced by The Norwegian Theatre, Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre)
Based on Haymaker in Heaven by Edvard Hoem
Audience Adults
Number of events 63
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Keywords Theatre, Drama, Corona-production
Running period March 7, 2020  

At the webpage of The Norwegian Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Haymaker in Heaven:

"Nesje, or the haymaker, as he is called, is a widower and has a son to take care of. He finds love anew with Serianna, a woman who smokes a pipe and gets Nesje to come along fishing pollock. Through a life with hard work and important choices, the herd of kids grows. Daily life is a struggle to give the family a dignified life, as it is for many people living in poverty along the fiord in Romsdal. The dream of a new start makes many sell, break up and leave for the promised land in the west. Gjertine, Serianna's sister, dreams of going, even though she is just a young girl. Letters from emigrants come, telling of a luscious, yet not all that welcoming prairie that is to become farms and homes.

The theatre production is based on the first novel in the series following the Nesje family from Rekneslia in Molde to the American prairie. A story that is not just a depiction of Edvard Hoem's ancestors, but also a piece of Norwegian history."


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Performance dates
February 13, 2021The Norwegian Theatre, digital offering Show
August 15, 2020Hovedscenen, Plassen, Teatret Vårt , Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre) New opening
March 7, 2020Hovudscenen, The Norwegian Theatre Worldwide premiere