Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening (2020) was a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre, based on the play by Frank Wedekind. The production was performed in the theatre's venue Scene 2.

Miriam Prestøy Lie directed it.


(Objekt ID 94807)
Object type Production
Premiere January 17, 2020
Produced by The Norwegian Theatre
Based on Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind
Audience Adults
Audience size 1576
Number of events 13
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Keywords Theatre, Tragedy
Running period January 17, 2020  

At the webpage of The Norwegian Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Spring Awakening:

"What if what the grown-ups tell you isn't true? Young age is filled to the brim with feelings, dreams, curiosity and longing for freedom. There is insecurity, shame and rebellion. You are ready to enter the world of the adults, but is adult world ready for you?

In Spring Awakening we meet a group of young people in rural Germany towards the end of the 19th century. It is a wholly different time: Girls have to wear long dresses from the day they turn 14, being gay is prohibited and children are something the stork brings at night. In school the teachers use all their energy in teaching theoretical second degree equations and reciting the plots of ancient epics, while the parents do their best to stop them from discovering how the great mysteries of life are connected. In this world the adults have the power of definition, and critical questions are met with punishment and correction.

The spring awakens the emotions

But as the snow melts and rivers overflow, rebellion awakens in the youngsters. Melchior, who is talented at school, thinks the grown-ups are lying when presenting their image of the world. His best friend, Moritz, is behind the syllabus and fears his parents won't survive if he fails his exams. Wendla doesn't trust her mother, who tells her that children come with the stork. She is also worried for her girlfriend Martha, who is beaten at home if she as much as spills just a little. And Hanschen - he can almost not stand the feelings he has for Ernst."


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Performance dates
January 17, 2020Scene 2, Det Norske Teatret, The Norwegian Theatre Opening night