The Big Dream

The Big Dream (2019) was a theatre production by Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions.

The production marks the company's 20th anniversary.


(Objekt ID 93400)
Object type Production
Premiere October 9, 2019
Produced by Verk Produksjoner
Coproducers Black Box Teater
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre
Running period October 9, 2019  
Website Black Box teater

At the webpage of Black Box Teater the following, among other things, is written about The Big Dream:

"The Big Dream is based on a letter correspondence between two of the actors in Verk Produksjoner.

The letters explore the choices that they have made and how they have mastered everyday life and themselves. They write from where they find themselves right now, in an effort to better understand something in the work, the time and themselves. The gaze is always directed towards a shared vision; the dream of what the theater can contain."


Black Box Teater,, 01.10.2019,

Import from the list of openings 22.08.2019

Verk Productions,, 23.09.2021,

Name Role
Runa Borch Skolseg – Dramaturge
Jakob Oredsson – Stage design
Jakob Oredsson – Lighting design
Fredrik Hannestad – Co-creator
Saila Hyttinen – Co-creator
Solveig Laland Mohn – Co-creator
Anders Mossling – Co-creator
Per Platou – Co-creator
Fredrik Hannestad – Performer
Saila Hyttinen – Performer
Solveig Laland Mohn – Performer
Anders Mossling – Performer
Per Platou – Performer
Felipe Osorio-Guzmán – Assistant Stage Designer
Felipe Osorio-Guzmán – Lighting technician
Pernille Nonås Mogensen – Producer
Lea Agathe Basch Opheim – Assistant (Produsent)
Performance dates