Premiére date28 Sep. 2019
Produced byThe Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret), The National Theatre
Running period28 Sep. 2019  
Durationca 1 time og 45 minutter

About Liv

Liv (2019) is a documentary theatre production by The Norwegian Touring Theatre and The National Theatre. Liv is based on the history of Liv Ullmann's life, told in form of a staged interview. The production opened at The Norwegian Touring Theatre, prior to being performed on tour. It was then transferred to The National Theatre.

Bentein Baardson directed it.

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More about Liv

At the webpage of The Norwegian Touring Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Liv:

"Liv Ullmann is among our very brightest stars, and with Liv, The Norwegian Touring Theatre and The National Theatre will make sure that audiences all over the country get tp meet Norway's great movie and theatre artist where they live, on a tour that is finalised during spring in Liv's hometown, at Trøndelag Theatre.

The performance is in the form of an open-hearted conversation with The Norwegian Touring Theatre's artistic director, Tom Remlov.

- Travelling Norway and meeting audiences at home has been a wish ever since I performed in A Doll's House with The Norwegian Touring Theatre. This time, I meet the audiences as myself. As Liv, and with Tom, whom I've had the joy of working with at several occasions throughout the years. We are both curious about life, and we are driven by the same wish of using the opportunities we have been granted, for the sake of others than ourselves, Liv Ullmann (80) says.

- This will be a conversation where we pose questions we might not have been asked before, and where we surprise ourselves and each other. And the spectators, perhaps with questions of their own, which they can enter to Tom Remlov beforehand."


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The Norwegian Touring Theatre,, 19.09.19,