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To hjem* (Two homes)

To hjem* (Two homes) (2017) was a theatre production by Tigerstadsteatret and Nordby Produksjoner. It was based on a play by Toril Solvang. The production opened at Sentralen, Oslo. It was revived in 2018, when it was performed at Trikkestallen, Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre), and at Rommen Scene.

Toril Solvang directed it.

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 91630)
Object type Production
Premiere 2017
Produced by Tigerstadsteatret, Nordby Produksjoner
Based on To hjem* (Two homes) by Toril Solvang-Kayambakis
Audience Youth
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Performance for youth, Drama
Running period 2017  —  2018


Kilden Theatre, www.kilden.com, 18.03.19, https://www.kilden.com/forestilling/to-hjem/

Sentralen, www.sentralen.no, 18.03.19, https://www.sentralen.no/arrangement/to-hjem-20-10-kl-1200

Contributors (16)
Name Role
Toril Solvang-Kayambakis – Playwright
Birgit Nordby – Idea
Toril Solvang-Kayambakis – Direction
Maja Roel – Choreography
Julian Skar – Music
Kristina Kjeldsberg – Dramaturge
Elias Kahn – Stage design
Marcus Ohlsson – Stage design
Elias Kahn – Costume design
Marcus Ohlsson – Costume
Kristjan Belgau – Sound design
Øyvind Mathisen – Sound
Birgit Nordby – Actor (Moren)
Andrea Vik – Actor (Jenta)
Henrik Hoff Vaagen – Actor (Gutten)
Martin Karelius Østensen – Actor (Faren)
Performance dates