Jacobsen, værsågod!* (Jacobsen speaking)

Jacobsen, værsågod!* (Jacobsen speaking) (2018) was a monologue production by Oslo Nye Teater and Feelgood Scene in collaboration with The Norwegian Touring Theatre, using text by Anne Marit Jacobsen, with contributions from Linn Skåber, Hanne T. Asheim, Fredrik Høyer and Trond Hanssen, among others. The production opened at Oslo Nye Centralteatret, prior to going on tour.

Arvid Ones directed it.

Anne Marit Jacobsen performed the production.

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning."Vær så god" is a polite phrase, literally meaning "Be so good". It is used in contexts where one in English uses "Please help yourself", "Go ahead"/"Here you go", "You're welcome" or "I give you…". It is also used with a name, as in "Jacobsen, vær så god", when replying to a phone call, the way "Jacobsen speaking" could be in English.


(Objekt ID 85684)
Object type Production
Premiere September 5, 2018
Produced by Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre), Feelgood Scene
In collaboration with The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)
Based on Jacobsen, værsågod by Anne Marit Jacobsen
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre, Music, Comedy, Monodrama
Running period September 5, 2018  
Duration Approximately 75 minutes
Website Oslo Nye Teater


Feelgood Scene AS, epost: 06.04.2018

Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre), oslonye.no, 08.08.2018, https://oslonye.no/jacobsen-vaersagod/

The Norwegian Touring Theatre, www.riksteatret.no, 08.08.2018, https://www.riksteatret.no/repertoar/jacobsen-varsagod/

Contributors (16)
Name Role
Anne Marit Jacobsen – Playwright
Arvid Ones – Direction
Simon Revholt – Musical Management
Milja Salovaara – Stage design
Milja Salovaara – Costume
Håvard Hansen – Video/Film
Steffen Hofseth – Sound
Rolf Christian Egseth – Lighting design
Håvard Hansen – Light
Anne Marit Jacobsen – Actor
Tine Elisabeth Johansen Aas – Stage manager
Ida Waskaas – Prompter
Rebecca Mathisen – Producer
Magnus Monn-Iversen – Producer
Karina Aase – Producer
Karina Aase – Producer
Performance dates
September 5, 2018Oslo Nye Centralteatret – Worldwide premiere