Onkel Oskars saueost* (Uncle Oskar’s Sheep Cheese)

Premiére date6 Oct. 2001
Produced byThe Touring Theatre of Trøndelag
In collaboration withThe Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater)
Based onOnkel Oskars saueost* (Uncle Oskar’s Sheep Cheese) by Torvald Sund
AudienceAdults, Youth, Children, Families, All
ExpressionsTheatre, Comedy, Musical theatre
Running period6 Oct. 2001  
WebsiteNord-Trøndelag Teater, Det Åpne Teater

About Onkel Oskars saueost* (Uncle Oskar’s Sheep Cheese)

Onkel Oskars saueost* (Uncle Oskar’s Sheep Cheese) by Torvald Sund, directed by Arnulf Haga, was performed Nord-Trøndelag Theatre and The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater) in 2001: The boy and his mother live in a little house, leading a peaceful life, except for when Uncle Oskar comes to visit. Not only does he provide them with his infamous, smelly sheep cheese. When the NATO exercise is to be held in the little community and the lieutenant Uncle Oscar is responsible for (pretending to) blow the village school in the air, things really get out of hand.


Mia Kristin Midtbø (2001, 09.10). Sprelsk og ekte sauost-teater. Innherreds Folkeblad Verdalingen, s.13.

Writers’ Guild of Norway/WGN, dramatiker.no, 09.11.2010, http://www.dramatiker.no/index.php?id=16286

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


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Performance dates

  • 6 Oct. 2001 - Worldwide premiere
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    Press review

    "The theatre production about Uncle Oskar is spot on. Or a whole explosion of popular, macabre humour, priceless mimicry and madcap playfulness onstage."

    Hege Udbye. Levanger-Avisa.

    "Nord-Trøndelag Theatre absolutely has managed to create an entertaining family performance reaching adults and children alike. (...) It is never too quick, and the characters are not improbable parodies. That is worth a prize, but I think we could have taken a bit more pace and madness without it spoiling the performance. Torvald Sund’s universe was at least well taken care of. This is an adaption the writer can be proud of. The actors contribute to keep the distinct tone and humour we recognise from Sund’s books." 

    Mia Kristin Midtbø. Review titled Sprelsk og ekte sauost-teater (literally: Feisty, real sheep cheese theatre). Innherreds Folkeblad Verdalingen.

    "It is not easy to connect the stories of the book version to a holistic theatre performance. A NATO exercise as the red thread works well, but it doesn’t give release to the stage version. Nor do the acts of song and rap provide much of a lift. The exceptions are a parodic skit about the dumb blonde with the weekly magazine’s horoscope as a weekly mental reading challenge and her longing for a man when thousand Italian Alp hunters are loose in the woods."

    Thoralf Berg. Review titled Tilstrekkelig dose sauost og dynamitt (literally: Sufficient dosis of sheep cheese and dynamite). Adresseavisen.

    "Director Arnulf Haga is daring in his modernisation, with a diversity of rap and even break dance, and the result is very successful."

    Øyvind Fiskvik. Review titled Suksess for Onkel Oskar! (literally: Success for Uncle Oskar). Trønder-Avisa.