Episode (2018) is a theatre production by Jupither Josephsson Theatre Company in collaboration with Malmö City Theatre, Stockholm City Theatre, Uppsala City Theatre, Swedish Riksteatern and The Swedish Theatre in Helsinki. The production is the world premiere of a play by Lars Norén. The production was performed as a visiting performance at the main stage of The National Stage during Bergen International Festival 2018.

Sofia Jupither directed it.

The production is performed in Swedish.


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Object type Production
Produced by Jupither Josephsson Theatre Company
In collaboration with , , Malmö City Theatre, Swedish Riksteatern,
Based on Episode by Lars Norén

At the website of Bergen International Festival the following, among other things, is written about Episode:

"A house is at heart of this humorous and moving play by Lars Norén. 

At a house showing, we meet six persons at different stages of life. The owners of the house want to sell in an attempt at leaving sorrow and stagnation behind. The middle-aged, married couple needs a new project to recover the spark in their relationship. The young couple has only recently begun living together. Lives touching upon each other for a short while, destabilising the familiar paths. What do we do because we want to, and what do we do because we think we must?

In Episode, the Swedish playwright and director Lars Norén offers tender descriptions of our clumsy attempts at reaching one another and our striving to find ways to live together. Norén has written approximately one hundred plays, and is the greatest playwright in the Nordic countries, besides Jon Fosse.

Director Sofia Jupither's productions of Norén's and Fosse's works have resulted in awards such as Svenska Dagbladet's The Thalia Award and The Hedda Award.

The world premiere of Episode takes place at Malmö City Theatre in April."


Bergen International Festival, 06.04.2018, www.fib.no, http://www.fib.no/no/Program/?TLp=1284604

Name Role
Lars Norén – Playwright
Sofia Jupither – Direction
Performance dates