Premiére date9 Feb. 2008
Produced byNew International Encounter
AudienceYouth, Adults (from 14)
ExpressionsMusical theatre, Theatre, Physical theatre, Storytelling theatre, Performance for children
Running period2 Feb. 2008  
WebsiteNIE: New International Encounter: Visual Theatre

About Trilogy

Trilogy was NIE’s European narration project. Trilogy consists of the productions My Long Journey Home, Past Half Remembered and End of Everything Ever. The performances can be shown separately or gathered as an own Trilogy event. The plots were based on true stories about three individuals living in the century from 1900 to 2000.

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Press review

My Long Journey Home: "...gripping and fascinating, the four actors tell a story of the meeting between mankind and war; about misunderstanding and incompetence, the betrayal of the system and bureaucracy, the abuse of power and the need to be heard, and all this is told in a comic light." (2003, 11.03). Sunnmørsposten, Norway

"Bisher das absolute Highlight war aber My Long Journey Home, ein tragikomisches Furioso der Compagnie NIE: ... Virtuos halten Ladislav Frej, Thomás Mechacek, Kjell Moberg und David Pagan ein Tempo und einen schwarzen Humor durch, die an Monty Pythons Flying Circus erinnern." Der Standard. Austria

My Long Journey Home: "There is something almost effortless about this quirky little story from New International Encounter. ... But what really impresses is the humanity of a tale, presented without explanation or excuse. A telling which is brave enough to let the audience draw their own conclusions." Nominated for The Stage Awards for Acting Excellence - Best Ensemble Performance - Edinburgh Fringe 2004. (08.2004). The Stage (UK)

Past Half Remembered: The main force of the ensemble is the skill of societal input: The situations are driven with a grotesque overstatement to ad absurdum, pointed with live music. Meanwhile they offer an interesting counterpart to the narrative about a not so enjoyable life destiny. Divadelni  Noviny (2003). Praha-CZ (National theatre newspaper in the Czech Republic)

Past Half Remembered: The award goes to a performance of warmth and a big, burning heart. This is a musical, rhythmical, charming, on the move and moving performance played with a convincing artistic knowledge. The performance utilise practically all the effects of the theatre in a concentrated, focused and economical way, while giving room for the little warm human story in the big historical narrative. (2004) The Daphne Award Jury, Norway.

End of Everything Ever: "The exceptional ensemble combines exquisite, highly physical acting and wonderfully integrated live music in a distinctive aesthetic which is redolent of early 20th-century European modernism." Mark Brown. Pleasance 2

End of Everything Ever: "The company's greatest asset is its multinational assemblage of performers. The cast effortlessly switch between different storytelling traditions, resulting in the play being blessed with everything from riotous slapstick comedy to a haunting folk music accompaniment....This is theatre at its best: progressive, experimental, entertaining and accessible, all in one show." John Holmes (2007, 14.08). METRO

End of Everything Ever: "The pathos born amongst the constant, convivial glow will send seismic shock waves of compassion down your heart strings. Through shamelessly stilted accents, simple folkloric music and a touch of burlesque, End of Everything Ever kindles that camp fire which will continue to glow inside you long after you have left the theatre." Junita Sekimori (2007, 10.08)

End of Everything Ever: "There is a lifetime of laughter and tears packed into this 70 minutes - utterly wonderful." Victor Hallett

More about Trilogy

My Long Journey Home is about the 17 year old Andras, drafted into the German army by force, ending as a prisoner in the Soviet Union and later Russia for 55 years.

Past Half Remembered is the story about the now 108 year old Maria Michailovna. She is Russian. She has survived a century of revolutions, starvation, political processes and world wars. Some things she has forgotten, but she still remembers a lot. Today she awaits her one and first love.

End of Everything Ever is about 7 year old Agata, one of the last Jewish children to leave Berlin in a Kindertransport before the break of war. She has to leave her musical family and travels towards England with her only friend – the play dog Milos.

The performances are played multilingually, and the audience is taken on a journey throughout the most action-packed century of world history.

Trilogy by NIE was supported by the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant/performing arts).

Source: DTS,, 01.08.2010,