The Norwegian Storytelling Festival 2005

Fortellerhuset and Albatrass invited to The Norwegian Storytelling Festival 2005 in The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater): The topic for The Norwegian Storytelling Festival 2005 was «Norway, no one above, no one besides». The Norwegian Storytelling Festival 2005 included more than 20 performances and storytellers such as Helga Samset, Christer Torjussen, Mats Rehnman, Odd Børretzen and Shabana Rehman participated. Georgiana Keable was the festival manager.


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Object type Production
Coproducers Fortellerhuset, Albatrass
In collaboration with The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater)
Audience All, Adults, Youth, Families, All
Language Norwegian, English and Swedish
Expressions Storytelling theatre, Lecture, Seminar, Music, Other, Performance for children , Dialogue seminar, Conversation(s), Workshop, Fairytale, Documentary
Running period April 21, 2005  —  April 24, 2005
Website Fortellerfestivalen, Fortellerhuset, Albatrass, Det Åpne Teater

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Blackout No

FESTIVAL PROGRAM April 21 - 24 2005:

Thursday April 21 2005:

Storytelling course for experienced storytellers with Mats Rehnman: For storytellers, writers and actors with storytelling experience. The course was about the art of opening the inner eye to be able to create the images taking the audience deep into the world of the story.

Stories without borders: School performance with Fortellerhuset.

The need for many stories: As a warm-up for the festival the social anthropologist Thomas Hylland Eriksen held a lecture about stories, diversity and identity.

Friday April 22 2005:

Storytelling course for beginners with Charlotte Øster: For everyone who wants to be better at telling stories. Lies, personal stories, tales, listening games and a lot more were used to develop imagination.

Festival opening by festival manager Georgiana Keable. Acts by Shabana Rehman, Odd Børretzen and Øystein Vestre.

Askeladden i ny drakt (literally: The Ash Lad in new clothes): Three different stories by Per Jostein Aarsand, Mats Rehnman, Mikael Öberg. With music by Eline Monrad Visstven and Randi Rosendal.

The production Et kulturfolk på vandring (literally: A cultural people wandering) by and with Laila Yrvum: The history of the travelling people has many dark chapters. But the story of the people is not just dark. It is also filled with joy, colourful personalities and good memories.

Mann eller mus? (literally: Man or mouse?) by and with Christer Torjussen: Standup about the male role in Norway.

Saturday April 23 2005:

The production for children called Eventyr fra Afrika og Nord-Amerika (literally: Fairytales from Africa and Northern America): Onanana, the brave African mother, meets the curious and smart Native American boy Gluskabi. Freely interpreted and performed by Raymond Sereba and Charlotte Øster.

Debattsirkus (literally: Debate Circus): Speech by Thomas Hylland Eriksen, questions from the audience and answers from Mats Rehnman, Kristin Lyhmann and Amir Mirzai. Led by Kristin Groven Holmboe.

Merkelige mennesker (literally: Strange people) by and with Lars Poverud: A storytelling performance about strange people who may not be so strange after all.

Høna som dro til kongsgården for å fri til Prins Prump (literally: The Hen Who Went to the King’s Mansion to Propose to Prince Fart) by and with Heidi Dahlsveen and Mathilde Grooss Viddal: A burlesque storytelling performance about a free-walking hen who storms ahead. For families with children aged three years or more.

Dødens Elv (literally: The River of Death) – story from Kalevala with Mikael Öberg: The story about the adventurous Lemminikainen, who is so eager he even challenges death. It is not because he is wise.

Sleipinghistorier (literally: Stories about slimebags): About involuntary loss of hair, bad suitors and stubborn body parts. Line Alsaker tells about slimebags she has met, in her imagination and in real life.

Snart kommer Kevin (literally: Soon Kevin comes): About the dream of love, USA and singing solo in the community church. To attempt the wonderful can have a dear cost! With Helga Samset and Jostein Hasselgård. Direction: Grethe Nordberg.

Kristin Kongsdatter (literally: Kristin, the Daughter of the King), after the book Stavkjerringa by Vera Henriksen: The story about Kristin, mother of King Magnus, wife of Erling Skakke, is a story about battle for power, violence, betrayal and unease. But it is also a story about the road to conciliation and love. With Tone Bolstad Fløde.

Stories from a childhood in Iran by and with Amir Mirzai. For youth and adults.

Mannens Valg (literally: The Choice of Man) by and with Mats Rehnman, Mikael Öberg and Said Dibaj.

Sunday April 24 2005:

Silk with Sara Birgitte Øfsti and Elisabeth Anvik: It is said that silk can carry 30 times its own weight. How many times its own weight can a human carry? Based on Alessandro Barrico’s book Silk.

The Wild Swans by H. C. Andersen: Performance for children with Per Jostein Aarsand and Said Dibaj.

Same woman, two cultures: A personal story with Bibi Razia.

Volven og Odins svik (literally: The Volve and the Betrayal by Odin): Is betrayal necessary? With Northern melodies Marit Jerstad and Knut Harris tell stories and sing songs from Northern times, about the eternal questions.

Kvinner av ulike slag... (literally: Women of different sorts...) by and with Beathe Frostad and Guri Aasen: Strength is not just muscle power, it can also show through slyness and smarts, wise thoughts, intelligent acts and determined choices.

Vintergatan (literally: The Winter Street) with Mats Rehnman: A tale from Swedish Lappland in which the miracle is glittering and sagas and myths become reality. With music Eline Monrad Visstven and Kristin Skaare.

The Norwegian Storytelling Festival 2005 was supported by Arts Council Norway.


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