The Wild Duck

Premiére date12 Sep. 2018
Produced byThe National Stage
Based onThe Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen
AudienceAdults, Youth (from 16)
ExpressionsTheatre, Drama
Running period12 Sep. 2018  
Durationca. 2 timer og 30 minutter
WebsiteDen Nationale Scene

About The Wild Duck

The Wild Duck (2018) is a planned theatre production by The National Stage, based on the play by Henrik Ibsen. The production will be performed in the theatre's venue Teaterkjelleren.

Yana Ross directs it.

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More about The Wild Duck

At the website of The National Stage the following, among other things, is written about The Wild Duck:

"Lies, self-deception and illusions make sure there is peace and quiet at home, but something is about to happen. Can the Ekdal family withstand being confronted with uncomfortable truths, or will it be destroyed? The search for recognition becomes an all-consuming obsession, and unresolved tension tingles, threatening the fragile family that it might be torn apart.

The Ibsen classic also grabs hold of us, asking a still penetrating question: Is it possible to live a life of truth, or are happiness and lies bound inseparably together?

This tragicomical, heart-breaking drama is filled with eloquent lines, wit and humorous observations. Behind the production stands the Latvian-American** director star Yana Ross."


The National Stage,, 12.12.2017,

**The National Stage's text says Lithuanian-American, and the correction is Sceneweb's. Yana Ross was born in Latvia, moved to the US during her teens, and now lives in Lithuania.