Godvakker-Maren* (Good Pretty Maren)

Godvakker-Maren* (Good Pretty Maren) (1927) was a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre, the world premiere of a play by Oskar Braaten. Godvakker-Maren is a theatrical adaption of the same writer's novel Bak høkerens disk* (Behind the shopkeeper's counter). The production was performed in the theatre's facilities in Bøndenes Hus.

Ingjald Haaland directed it.

Ragnhild Hald played the title role.

Godvakker-Maren also went on tour, during which 99 performances were given.

Godvakker-Maren was revived by The Norwegian Theatre in 1931. At the time, it was performed in Centralteatret. The occasion was Oskar Braaten's 50th birthday. During this run, 31 performances were given.

When the production was revived in 1931, Tove Bryn played the title role.

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 80928)
Object type Production
Premiere August 13, 1927
Produced by The Norwegian Theatre
Based on Godvakker-Maren* (Good Pretty Maren) by Oskar Braaten
Audience Adults
Number of events 267
Language Norwegian dialect
Expressions Theatre, Popular comedy
Running period August 13, 1927  


The Norwegian Theatre. Repertoire at The Norwegian Theatre 1913-2014. Transferred to Sceneweb 08.09.2015.

Det Norske Teatret femti år (literally: The Norwegian Theatre 50 years). Det Norske Samlaget, Oslo 1963.

The National Library of Norway, performance program transferred to Sceneweb 31.05.2016.

Name Role
Oskar Braaten – Playwright
Ingjald Haaland – Direction
Ola Cornelius – Stage design
Tove Bryn Haaland – Actor (Maren, tenestegjente hos Endersen - i 1931)
Helge Essmar (from 1928 to NIL) – Actor (Aksel, tenestgutt)
Ragnhild Hald – Actor (Maren, tenestegjente hos Endersen - i 1927)
Karl Holter – Actor (Nils Endresen, høker)
Alfred Maurstad (from NIL to 1927) – Actor (Aksel, tenestgutt)
Tordis Maurstad – Actor (Kari, tenestegjente hos Endersen)
Dagmar Myhrvold – Actor (Matia, kona til Nils)
Johan Norlund – Actor (Even, ung bondegutt)
Lars Tvinde – Actor (Tore, ung bondegutt)
Performance dates
Navember 25, 1931Oslo Nye Centralteatret – New opening
August 13, 1927Bøndenes Hus – Worldwide premiere