Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler (2018) was a theatre production by Kilden Theatre, based on the play by Henrik Ibsen. The production was performed at the theatre's main stage.

Ingrid Forthun directed it.

Rebekka Nystabakk played the role of Hedda.


(Objekt ID 80401)
Object type Production
Premiere February 1, 2018
Produced by Kilden Theatre
Based on Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Drama
Duration Approximately 2 hours, 10 minutes
Website Kilden Teater

At the website of Kilden Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Hedda Gabler:

"Hedda Gabler is a tremendous personality. One fears her, admires her and desires her. At the same time, she is a wandering disaster, for herself and her surroundings. She is a person who has lost the hold of her own existence. How could a person so full of vitality, intelligence and charm be so filled with a thorough emptiness and loneliness beneath the surface? Hedda is unable to do something, to transform her life and fill it with a sense of direction. She simply can't manage to lift herself out of loneliness. Which convictions lie in the shadow of her conscious, leading her choices?

Newly married Hedda doesn't love Jørgen (George), the man she chose to marry. She has started to despise him, her chic dream house and herself in life with him. As a result, she can't be herself or true to herself in meeting with her husband. So why is she choosing - as we all do from time to time - the destructive? What kind of self-hatred is there to drive Hedda away from the one she really loves, drives her away from devoting herself to another and thus find the opportunity for happiness?"


Kilden, 16.11.2017, kilden.com, https://www.kilden.com/forestilling/hedda-gabler/

Contributors (18)
Name Role
Henrik Ibsen – Playwright
Ingrid Forthun – Adapted by
Ingrid Forthun – Direction
Kari Anne Bjerkestrand – Choreography
Endre Sannes Hadland – Dramaturge
Katja Ebbel – Stage design
Katja Ebbel – Costume
Hågen Rørmark – Sound design
Norunn Standal – Lighting design
Linnea Sunde Mortensen – Actor
Jonathan Espolin-Johnson – Actor
Ann Ingrid Fuglestveit-Mortensen – Actor
Kristine Helland Abrahamsen – Actor
Sarah Macdonald Berge – Actor
Rebekka Maria Nystabakk – Actor (Hedda)
Kari Onstad – Actor
Ulrik Waarli Grimstad – Actor
Kari Anne Bjerkestrand – Consultant (tekstkonsulent)
Performance dates
February 1, 2018Teater- og Operasalen, Kilden Opening night