Sleepless AKA Wakefulness

Premiére date23 May. 2018
Produced byDet Vestnorske Teateret
In collaboration withThe National Stage, Bergen International Festival
Based onSleepless AKA Wakefulness by Jon Fosse; Olav's Dreams by Jon Fosse; Weariness by Jon Fosse
LanguageNorwegian dialect
ExpressionsTheatre, Trilogy
Running period23 May. 2018  
WebsiteHordaland Teater

About Sleepless AKA Wakefulness

Sleepless AKA Wakefulness (2018) was a theatre production by Hordaland Theatre in collaboration with The National Stage and Bergen International Festival, based on the novel trilogy by Jon Fosse, in a theatrical adaption by Torkil Sandsund. The production was performed in Logen. The opening took place during Bergen International Festival.

Torkil Sandsund directed it.

Karl-Vidar Lende played the role of Asle.

Anne Wiig played the role of Alida.

Andvake visited The Norwegian Theatre during the festival Heddadagene 2018.

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More about Sleepless AKA Wakefulness

At the website of Hordaland Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Sleepless AKA Wakefulness:

"Jon Fosse was given Nordic Council's Literature Prize for the trilogy Sleepless AKA Wakefulness - Olav's Dreams - Weariness. The work has spellbound people all over the world and is now to become theatre. We are proud to present the world premiere of one of the most characteristic literary narratives. The story of Asle and Alida's love. The premiere will take place May 23 2018, and the production will be performed during Bergen International Festival.

Asle and Alida are forced to flee their home village, and try to manage as best they can in Bjørgvin (the old name of Bergen, Sceneweb's comment). The young couple is expecting a child and the surroundings are ruthless towards them and the little child they are to protect. But it seems as if nothing can end the love between the two. Even after death, the bond between them is as strong.

The story floats between dream and reality, between tender memories and the roughest of realities. In this, Fosse's distinct voice is linked with a particularly present musical motif, and this will come through in the production. Put together with an ambient room appealing to the senses, Trio Mediævel's musical backdrop is to play a significant role in Torkil Sandsund's production. Live traditional music will also be a central element when we move from the two lovers' first meeting at a fiddler dance in Dylja, until Asle in the moment of his death describes his love for Alida as the great flight. In the music and in the ever-present love is this great flight. And in the meeting between these forces are the conditions for a great theatre experience."


Hordaland Theatre, 10.11.2017,,