Butterfly Honey

Produced byThe Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater)
Based onButterfly Honey by Marit Kaldhol
AudienceAdults, Youth
Number of events1
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
ExpressionsReading, Theatre
Running period8 Mar. 2008  —  8 Mar. 2008
WebsiteDet Åpne Teater

About Butterfly Honey

Butterfly Honey was a staged reading of Marit Kaldhol’s play Butterfly Honey in The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater) the spring of 2008 with Jorunn Kjellsby and Elisabeth Seljevold. It was directed by Victoria Bakke.

Source: The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater), detapneteater.no, 26.10.2010, http://www.detapneteater.no/pub/daat/forestillinger/?aid=659&cid=17&sac=all&viewall=1#daat


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