Galgemannen (2) og Friaren


(Objekt ID 76044)
Object type Production
Premiere September 24, 1949
Produced by The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)
Based on Galgemannen by Runar Schildt; The Proposal AKA The Marriage Proposal by Anton Tsjekhov
Audience Adults
Number of events 99
Language Norwegian and Norwegian Nynorsk
Expressions One-act Play, Drama, Farce
Running period September 24, 1949  —  June 14, 1950
Name Role
Runar Schildt – Playwright (Galgemannen)
Anton Tsjekhov – Playwright (Friaren)
Henrik Rytter – Translation (Friaren)
Thomas Thomassen – Translation (Galgemannen)
Sam Besekow – Direction (Galgemannen)
Ragnhild Hald – Direction (Friaren)
Hans Stormoen – Stage design
Rønnaug Alten – Actor (Maria i Galgemanne / Natalia Stepanova, Stepans datter i Friaren)
Rolf Falkenberg-Smith – Actor (Stepan Stepanovitsj Sjubukov, godseier i Friaren)
Hans Stormoen – Actor (Oberst Christoffer Toll i Galgemannen / Ivan Vassiljevitsj Lomov, godseier, nabo i Friaren)
Performance dates
February 17, 1950Riksteatret – New opening
September 24, 1949Riksteatret – Opening night