Three Noras waiting for Baal

Three Noras waiting for Baal was a co-production by BIT Teatergarasjen, Eurokaz, The Albanian Theatre and Prosjektteateret, Bergen.

Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, Baal by Bertolt Brecht and depictions of women by Henrik Ibsen were used as idea material.

Branko Brezovec directed it.


(Objekt ID 7365)
Object type Production
Premiere March 18, 1993
Produced by , BIT Teatergarasjen, ,
Based on Three Sisters AKA The Three Sisters by Anton Tsjekhov; Baal by Bertolt Brecht
Audience Adults
Number of events 4
Keywords Theatre
Running period March 18, 1993  

In the BIT Teatergarasjen program for Three Noras waiting for Baal the following is written about the production:

"Five male actors from The Albanian Theatre in Skopje, Macedonia meet four female, Norwegian actresses. Chekhov's Three Sisters meets Brecht's Baal meets Ibsen. In other words, Ibsen's female characters enter a project in which Chekhov and Brecht rule. Of this meeting, a new performance is created.

This is a grand project, artistically as well as administratively. It is a coproduction following the contemporary models for theatre production, geographically overstepping borders and artistically seeking new ways through its most specific text orientation, by allowing the use of practically any disposable text from the entire world's drama. The different parts of the project correspond through its commenting role and function, and illuminate new dimensions of the different works, overlap unexpectedly, bring in different acting styles, and points to the specific contexts each work was created in.

The choice of Three Sisters, Baal and Ibsen's female characters was made consciously random, as we wanted to collect drama from the modern drama's curriculum. What connect the different works in the project are the issues connected to the link between a dramatic work (the text) and its realisation onstage.

The project is a contribution to the development of new dramaturgy, which is being worked on by a number of artists all over the world. The undiscovered opportunities within drama are what connect this project to work done by for instance The Wooster Group, Ivan Stanev, Robert Lepage, Jan Lauwers or for that sake Norwegian Baktruppen."


Program: Three Noras waiting for Baal, 1993, BIT Teatergarasjen

Contributors (19)
Name Role
Bertolt Brecht – Playwright
Henrik Ibsen – Playwright
Anton Tsjekhov – Playwright
Branko Brezovec – Direction
Gordana Vnuk – Dramaturge
Orhan Kadri – Sound
Asbjørn Johnsen – Light
Mjaku Bajrus – Actor
Nuredini Bekir – Actor
Heidi Goldmann – Actor
Ingvild Holm – Actor
Victoria H. Meirik – Actor
Abazi Refet – Actor
Nuredini Sefedin – Actor
Kerimi Vebi – Actor
Karoline Waal – Actor
Jasana Brkljacic – Dance Instruction
Orhan Kadri – Stage Manager
Tone Tjemsland – Production manager
Performance dates
March 21, 1993 20:00 – Scene USF, USF Verftet Show
March 20, 1993 20:00 – Scene USF, USF Verftet Show
March 19, 1993 20:00 – Scene USF, USF Verftet Show
March 18, 1993 20:00 – Scene USF, USF Verftet Worldwide premiere