Kem eie vinden* (Who owns the wind)

Kem eie vinden* (Who owns the wind) (1997) was a theatre concert production by The Arctic Theatre. The production consisted of songs that had been used in theatre productions at The Arctic Theatre from the start until 1997. The selection was made by Ola Moum, Ragnar Olsen and Sverre Kjelsberg.

Ola Moum directed the production.

The title song Kem eie vinden was written by Ragnar Olsen (lyrics), Sverre Kjelsberg (melody) and Per Christian Hansen (melody). It had originally been used in the production Nullpunktet* (Freezing point) (1980) about the protests against the Alta power plant. The song is an example of the locally anchored, political theatre of The Arctic Theatre. The first stanza goes as follows (Sceneweb's translation in parantheses): 

"Kem eie vinden (who owns the wind)

kem eie elva (who owns the river)

kem eie ei jenta på søtten år (who owns a girl aged seventeen)

Ka koste lyset (What's the price of the light)

ka koste fjellet (what's the price of the mountain)

ka koste tida som går (what's the price of the time that goes by)"

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 73222)
Object type Production
Premiere March 15, 1997
Produced by The Arctic Theatre
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian dialect
Expressions Musical theatre, Concert
Running period March 15, 1997  
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The National Library of Norway,, 07.06.2017,

Performance dates
March 15, 1997 – Opening night