Happy Days

Happy Days (1985) was a theatre production by Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre), based on the play by Samuel Beckett. The production was performed on tour, with its tour opening in Molde.

Per Espen Andersen Hov directed it.

Vivi Sunde played the role of Winnie.

Happy Days visited Oslo, and was performed as part of Molde International Jazz Festival.

On tour, Happy Days was performed with A Streetcar named Desire.


(Objekt ID 69358)
Object type Production
Premiere February 7, 1985
Produced by Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre)
Based on Happy Days by Samuel Beckett
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre of the absurd, Theatre
Running period February 7, 1985  


Einar Dahl's private archive, donated by Einar Dahl, 08.01.2017

Contributors (17)
Name Role
Samuel Beckett – Playwright
Kirsten Sørlie – Translation
Per Espen Andersen Hov – Direction
Bjørn Kalvatsvik – Stage design
Lars Langset – Stage design
Leif Rosvoll – Stage design
Godthard Larsen – Sound
Godthard Larsen – Light
Vivi Sunde – Actor (Winnie)
Svenn Bernhard Syrin – Actor (Willie)
Flavio Kiforenco Pighin – Props
Randi Urkedal – Prompter
Bjørn Kalvatsvik – Technician
Lars Langset – Technician
Leif Rosvoll – Technician
Mary Farstad – Administration
Borghild Rosvoll – Administration
Performance dates
February 7, 1985Kulturhuset, Molde Opening night