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The Child

The Child (2017) was a theatre production by The National Theatre, based on the play by Jon Fosse. The production was performed in the theatre's venue Amfiscenen, The Amphi Stage.

Anne-Karen Hytten directed it.

Hermann Sabado played the role of Fredrik.

Hanne Skille Reitan played the role of Agnes.


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Object type Production
Premiere January 12, 2017
Produced by The National Theatre
Based on The Child by Jon Fosse
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Keywords Drama, Theatre
Running period January 12, 2017  
Website Nationaltheatret

At the webpage of The National Theatre the following, among other things, is written about The Child:

"Two young, lonely persons, Fredrik and Agnes, know the hardships of life. They meet in a bus shelter. They find comfort in and love for each other - and soon, they are expecting a child. But the pregnancy doesn't turn out as planned, and the two must hold on to faith in each other and the belief that life can be good.

It's been more than 20 years since The National Theatre first staged Jon Fosse: The Child, inspired by Ibsen's Brand, had its world premiere during The Ibsen Festival 1996. Fosse is the rare living classic, and Anne-Karen Hytten sits in the director's chair when The Child return to its point of origin. This is a deeply emotional, mild and down-stated story in the intersection between poetry and realism, between humour and severity. With Milja Salovaara's stage design and Nils Økland's music, new spaces and tones are created in this beautiful, distinct universe."


The National Theatre, www.nationaltheatret.no, 15.09.17, http://www.nationaltheatret.no/no/program/arkiv/2017/Barnet.b7C_wZfMZ_.ips

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Performance dates
January 12, 2017 19:30 – Amfiscenen, Nationaltheatret, The National Theatre Opening night
Press coverage

Lillian Bikset, Avstanden mellom banalt og eksistensielt kan være kort (literally: The distance between banal and existential may be short), Dagbladet January 12 2017:

"Certain emotions are too big to be expressed in precise words, and at the same time the same emotions are utterly ordinary, highly recognisable, and sometimes so universal that there are too many and too cliched words for them. Fosse's characters avoid these words. His dialogues can be performed with great depth, or they can be performed as simplicity. But even when the latter is chosen, there is depth in the text as text, in the themes and the situations.

Anne-Karen Hytten's interpretation of The Child makes the characters into sufficiently simple persons to seem like simpletons, and at times the performance seems so conscious of its humour that it approaches parody. At the same time, it has scenes calling for emotional identification - and too many of the spectators, it might be easier to accept this identification after first having been allowed to laugh at the simplicity. What a person experience as naïve in somebody else, he or she can easily read as sincerity - authenticity - in himself or herself."