The Question I Wish I Had Asked

Original titleIn English: The Question I Wish I Had Asked
Premiére date30 Aug. 2007
Produced byNONCompany
AudienceYouth, Adults (from 16)
Running period30 Aug. 2007  
Duration60 min.

About The Question I Wish I Had Asked

The Question I wish I had asked by NONcompany is a tribute to everything we don't know and the human art and ability of asking questions. The performance was made by the Norwegian theatre company NONcompany and opened in the venue USF in Bergen, Norway in August 2007.

The production is performed in English.

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More about The Question I Wish I Had Asked

The question I wish I had asked by NONcompany uses questions both as context and content. The company has created a performance consisting of questions, about the art of presenting something, the balance between presenting enough and not too much.

The text consists exclusively of questions. It was written by Leo Preston, Rune Salomonsen and Lise Risom Olsen in collaboration. Besides deciding that the text should consist exclusively of question, they had two more rules: That the text must work as a dramatic text to some extent and that the text should contain dialogues, as natural as possible.

NONcompany has in The Question I wish I had asked worked with different ways of presenting an act onstage, aesthetically, in forms of expression and text. According to the theme of questions, they have worked with different presentations either surrounded with some kind of mystery or revolving around the audience’s curiosity and desire for sensation. Here are a number of references to classic theatre effects and movie clichés. NONcompany has found inspiration in magicians’ acts, disappearance acts, travelling funfairs, road movies and quiz shows from TV.


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