Original titleSquare
Premiére date27 Feb. 2009
Produced byHouse of Stories
Based onSquare by Lene Therese Teigen
Running period27 Feb. 2009  
Durationca. 1 time
WebsiteHouse of stories

About Square

Square (2009) was a theatre production produced by House of Stories/Lene Therese Teigen.

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More about Square

Square by Lene Therese Teigen is a tragicomical story in four parts. The background is like a puzzle, bits that have to be picked up and put together anew.

Square has sixteen anti-heroine roles for four actresses.

Linda has been working as a cleaning lady on the airport all of her life. Simone will be changing genders. Minnie carries her mother’s beauty boxes without salary. Eleonora is going on a cosmetics congress in the US. Elly, Molly, Lilly and Sally are in prison for murder. Sally is pregnant with a prison guard. They have the same father, but who is whose mother? Mira, Eva, Lea and Sara will finally be moving house, and they sell the house they have lived in, even though it smells awful. Sara thinks she is Eva's daughter and Mira wants a diary. Ma and Lucy are lovers and are making a movie. Spot and Endo are to play sisters in the movie, which is based on a true story. Simone has given Ma the story about her grandmother, who became pregnant in prison.

But what is true?

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, The Fund for Performing Artists.