Lene Therese Teigen

Lene Therese Teigen is a Norwegian playwright, writer, director, dramaturge and producer.

She manages House of Stories.

House of Stories' productions include Mater Nexus (written and directed by Lene Therese Teigen), Square (written and directed by Teigen) and Life Machine (written and directed by Teigen). The latter was produced in collaboration with Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre).


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Object type Person
Born March 25, 1962
Functions Author, Director, Direction, Dramaturge, Producer, Dramatist/Playwright
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Member of Writers’ Guild of Norway/WGN, The Norwegian Union of Stage Directors, Norwegian Writers’ Centre
Website House OF stories

Lene Therese Teigen's play Mater Nexus is her most performed work. Mater Nexus is about the great issues of life: Love, career, the parenting role, illness and death. What do we expect from life? What is succeeding and what is being happy?

The stage text was developed over a three year long period, including in workshops at The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater) with a total of 25 involved actors.There are 13 female roles in the text, and since the opening in 2001 it has also been produced in Stockholm, Helsinki, Gothenburg and Tokyo. University papers have been written about Mater Nexus, at The University of Oslo and The University of Bergen.

Mater Nexus was published by the Norwegian publishing house Gullbakke Forlag in 2004 (Norwegian version), whereas Life Machine, The Archeologists and Square were published in a collected volume by the Norwegian publishing house Transit Forlag in 2008 (this, too, in the Norwegian-language version).

Lene Therese Teigen also took part in the DeSK project (where DeSK was short for Dette Skrev Kvinner, literally: What Women Wrote).In 2012 three books were published as a result of the project; the essay collection Dette Skrev Kvinner (literally: What Women Wrote), (editor: Lene Therese Teigen, published by the publishing house Vidarforlaget) and two play collections, both published by the publishing house Transit Forlag: Hulda Garborg: Mødre, Rationelt Fjøsstell og Edderkoppen (literally: Hulda Garborg: Mothers, Reason and Barn Chores and The Spider), plus Dramatikk av Garborg, Kieler, Munch og Prydz (literally: Drama by Garborg, Kieler, Munch and Prydz). The latter collection consisted of the plays The Spider by Hulda Garborg (prologue by Arnhild Skre), Men of Honour by Laura Kieler (prologue by Inger-Margrethe Lunde), Sorte Svaner* (Black Swans) by Anna Munch (prologue by Lene Therese Teigen) and Undine by Alvilde Prydz (prologue by Lene Therese Teigen).

Lene Therese Teigen also has published several novels, Hvitt.Stille (literally: White.Quiet) in 1993, Utro (literally: Unfaithful) in 2005 and Andrea N. finnes ikke (literally: Andrea N. doesn't exist) in 2015.

Among her plays are Under Vår Himmel* (Beneath Our Sky) (2004) and Two Days in Rome (2012), both published by Transit Forlag in 2012 (Norwegian-language versions), plus A View from the Ground, in collaboration with Agnete G. Haaland in 2010. Her The Archeologists (script and direction by Teigen) was performed by Ibsen Theatre in 2007.

Falling Apples (Norwegian title: Epler som faller) has its world premiere in the English-language version during Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016.

Among the international productions Lene Therese Teigen has taken part in are the following:

Falling Apples (Verve Studios, Melbourne, Australia), script.

Square (Sala Perillán, Montevideo, Uruguay), script.

Kyunin no Onna (Mater Nexus in Japanese - Theater For You Tokyo), script and direction.

Äiti Meidän -Mater Nexus (Helsingin Kauppungin Teatteri), script.

HB-konsults stora kvinnokurs (a major seminar for women), (Teater Trixter), script.
Mater Nexus (Folkteatern in Gothenburg), script.

Mater Nexus (Stockholm City Theatre), script.

Lene Therese Teigen has contributed to the following radio, TV and movie productions:

Offshore, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation TV drama, script for three episodes.

Annas Jul* (Anna's Christmas), Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation/NRK (Radio theatre series for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), script and instruction.

Pietà, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation/NRK's radio theatre division, script (dramatisation) and instruction.

Reel (short film), script, direction, producer.

Klapp igjen* (Shut up) (1985/86, the ABC Theatre + Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation/NRK TV), revue actress.


E-mails from Lene Therese Teigen, 18.06.2012 and 25.08.2016

Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)

The publishing houses Vidarforlaget and Transit Forlag

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

Affiliations (2)
Artworks (13)
Title Publiseringsdato Role
A View from the Ground 2010, Script – Author
Dette Skrev Kvinner* (What Women Wrote) 2012, Script – Author
Mater Nexus 2001, Script – Author
Life Machine 2005, Script, Drama – Author
The Archaeologists 2007, Script – Author
Utro* (Unfaithful) 2005, Literature, Novel – Author
Under Vår Himmel* (Beneath Our Sky) 2004, Script – Author
Two Days in Rome 2012, Script – Author
White.Quiet. 1993, Literature, Novel – Author
Square 2009, Script, Tragicomedy/Seriocomedy – Author
Falling Apples Script – Author
ut-/ned-/opp-/be-STEMT Script – Author
Time without Books Script – Author